Italy picks site for SuperB collider

Jun 14, 2011

The name game

The SuperB particle collider will be built at the University of Rome, Tor Vergata. Located on the outskirts of the Italian capital, the site will be called the Cabibbo Laboratory in honour of the particle physicist Nicola Cabibbo, who died in August 2010. The experiment is expected to start collecting data in 2017.

The €500m SuperB facility will be built by Italy’s National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) with funds provided by the host nation and several other countries. It will consist of a 2 km circumference ring with two accelerators – one for electrons and the other for positrons. Collisions will occur within a large detector and produce extensive numbers of B-mesons, D-mesons and tau-leptons. The detector will track the decay products from these particles and measure their energy… (continua a leggere su


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