[Reblog]: OPERA: What Went Wrong

OPERA: What Went Wrong

Matt Strassler [April 2, 2012]

We now have many details of what went wrong at OPERA, the experiment which produced an anomalous result showing neutrinos arriving earlier than expected, widely interpreted in the press as a violation of Einstein’s dictum that nothing can go faster than the universal speed limit, the speed at which light travels. No one in the scientific community is surprised that the result was due to an error of some type. Most scientists, including myself, weighed the chances of the experiment being correct as extremely small; though most people kept an open mind, I don’t recall ever having a conversation with a serious scientist who thought it was likely to be correct. The main reason was that it was very difficult to imagine any way that it could be correct and yet be consistent with many other classes of experiments that confirmed Einstein’s equations for relativity, or even be self-consistent; see for example this article, and this one… (continua a leggere su Of Particular Significance)


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