[Reblog]: After the Higgs: The new particle landscape

Physicists are planning the powerful accelerators they will need to study the Higgs boson and its interactions in detail.

29 August 2012

When particle physicists around the world woke up on 5 July, the scenes of joy, relief and tears were still fresh in their minds — along with a huge unanswered question. The memories were of celebrations the previous day, when researchers announced that a new particle very much like the long-sought Higgs boson had at last been found in data from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, Europe’s particle-physics laboratory outside Geneva in Switzerland. The question promised to define their discipline’s whole future. Is the particle a Higgs boson of maximum simplicity, as predicted by the 40-year-old standard model of particle physics? Or is it something more complex and interesting that will point towards a deeper, more complete theory?

Physicists hope and expect that the LHC will give them some answers over the next few years. But they are already honing their sales pitches for a machine to follow the LHC — a ‘Higgs factory’ that would illuminate such a theory with measurements far more precise than the LHC can provide… (continua su nature.com)

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