[Reblog]: Italian particle physics facility scuttled by funding woes

28 Nov 2012 | 22:29 GMT | Posted by Mark Peplow

Posted on behalf of Nicola Nosengo.

An Italian project aiming to build a new particle accelerator near Rome, called SuperB, will either have to be abandoned or drastically scaled back for lack of funding. The project has failed to attract enough international partners to pay its full cost, and the Italian government yesterday made it clear that it will not cover the gap.

The SuperB project was officially launched by Italy’s National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) in October 2011. It is supposed to build a ‘B factory’ – a particle accelerator where electrons and positrons collide to produce heavy particles called B mesons, whose decay could enable researchers to explore beyond the standard model of particle physics…

continua su Nature News blog


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