TEDxCERN: Simulcast il 3 maggio con il premio Nobel George Smoot


The TEDxCERN main stage will be at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.

And we encourage all CERN member and associated institutes to host LIVE webcasts of the event. TED is all about community and bringing people together for a common cause, so webcasts should  be broadcast in a public setting that encourages discussion and exchange. We would like to see webcasts throughout the globe.

Host a TEDxCERN@(your institution’s name here)  Simulcast on May 3rd.

CERN Auditorium Simulcast to be hosted by Special Guest Host George Smoot.

Host a Simulcast event of TEDxCERN@(your institution’s name here) and  help connect science to society in your community and around the world! Encourage inter- and intra- disciplinary collaboration within the CERN community based at CERN and with the CERN extended family of 300 member institutions around the globe.

Help shape future interactions between science and society.

Reach out to further create and extend your scientific and social community by inviting select members of your community to participate in this live event (Maximum 100 audience members). Create a setting where you can initiate and engage in discussion of ideas worth spreading with colleagues from other scientific disciplines such as biology, earth science, chemistry, astronomy, and with philosophers, social scientists and artists from your university or town. Magic can happen when you share the TED experience with a like-minded and eclectic group, and it happens even more so when you actively take part in creating the experience.

Each TEDxCERN@(your institution’s name here) will be an independently held live-stream event connected to  TEDxCERN  which will take place on May 3rd, 2013 from 16:00 to 20:00 Geneva time, CET. How will it work on the day:

  • May 3rd from 15:30 to 20:00 CET (plus Reception afterwards)
  • 15:45:  The simulcast session will start 15 minutes before the LIVE session with an introduction about TEDxCERN given by Nobel prize winner George Smoot, who will be hosting the Simulcast in the CERN auditorium.
  • 16:00-17:30:  Session One Simulcast   (approximately 6 speakers and one performance.
  • 17:30 – 18:30:  Coffee break at your Institution & Behind the Scenes at TEDxCERN webcast tour. During the break, we will interview a few of the speakers and participants for the audience of the webcast
  • 18:30- 20:00: Session Two  (another 6-7 speakers and performance)
  • 20:00 – 21:00 We encourage you to host a reception after the event in order to allow your guests to interconnect.
  • Direct Simulcast Event audience participation through various live new media channels.

Benefits to hosting an official TEDxCERN Simulcast Event:

  • Simulcast events stream TEDxCERN Live: you and your audience see the entire TEDxCERN program before anyone else.
  • Selected Simulcast Events will be attributed as official TEDxCERN partners
  • Simulcast institutions will be featured in a dedicated section on the official TEDxCERN website, and on the CERN home page.
  • Each hosting institution will receive a media tool kit with organizing tips  as well as the full program and corresponding information about the official event available to TEDxCERN partners only.
  • Direct Simulcast Event audience participation will be possible through various live new media channels.

What will we provide you and when:

  • January/February
    • Running Listings on the CERN home page as well as the TEDxCERN homepage of all the institutes that will participate in the simulcast
    • TEDxCERN facebook page and Twitter up and running; with daily outreach.
  • February /March
    • We will organize a EVO meeting to further describe the event, give you  updates on what will be happening here at CERN and take questions about logistics
    • A Poster and Flyer template for you to print and spread around your institute will be available in March.
    • News about the speakers will begin to be pushed out internationally.
    • The interaction game rules we will be developing here at CERN will be available and discussed with Institutes
  • April
    • CERN press-release to customize and share with your own community
  • Week of April 23; one week before the event
    • PDF of the Program
  • On May 3
    • An HD webcast feed available only for CERN members and associated institutes

What do you need to do:

  • Provide us with a contact person that will coordinate the event asap
  • Book a room at your university asap
  • Feb – Create an page on event bright (or alike service) with the info (p.ex.,  where the event will take place at your university, whether there is an after-event..). This is the link we will show in our home pages. Note that you can only have an event hosting to up 100 people
  • March – Invite people in your community that you think it would be great for your institute to have dialogue with. Is there a philosopher, or neuroscientist, chemist, biologist or multimedia artist at your Institution or in your town that you think would be fun to meet with and to potentially collaborate?  The idea here is multiplying your dimensions.
  • April – Promote the event inside your institute by using the provided TEDxCERN posters, flyers and press release templates
  • April – Provide us an IP address of the computer that will be hosting the webcast
  • Organize a reception after the event (it’s one of the most memorable parts of a TED event; the conversations started AFTER the talks!)

For now all you need to do is to send us a message to tedxcern-simulcast@cern.ch saying that yes, you would like to host a TEDxCERN@ (name of your Institution) simulcast event.


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