INFN post-doc positions for non-Italian citizens


The INFN Fellowship Programme 2013/2014 offers 16 (sixteen) positions for research activity in Experimental Physics.

Eligible candidates are non-Italian citizens. Applicants should have a Ph.D. degree or an equivalent qualification. Candidates who are preparing their doctoral thesis are eligible to apply, however they will have to obtain their Ph.D. degree before taking up their appointment with INFN.

Applicants with a Ph.D. of eight years or over eight are not eligible.

The annual gross salary is € 40.000,00. Each fellowship is initially granted for one year and may be extended to a second year. Travel tickets to and from INFN sites will be reimbursed at the beginning and at the end of the fellowship; also lunch tickets will be provided for working days.

Online applications are to be sent to INFN no later than November 15th, 2013 applying at the website
The applications should include the research topic(s) of interest, the preferred INFN site(s) – two at the most, chosen among those listed in Annex 1 – and:

  • a statement of research interests;
  • a curriculum vitae;
  • a publication list;
  • three reference letters (specifying name, surname and e-mail of each referee).

At the end of the selection process the candidates will be informed by e-mail about the result of their application. Successful candidates will then receive an official communication from the INFN administration offices. The appointed fellows should start their fellowships not later than November 1st 2014; special requests to defer the starting date can be considered.


  • INFN Laboratories:
    • Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati (Roma),
    • Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso (L’Aquila),
    • Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro (Padova),
    • Laboratori Nazionali del Sud (Catania)
  • INFN Sections in the universities of:
    • Bari,
    • Bologna,
    • Cagliari,
    • Catania,
    • Ferrara,
    • Firenze,
    • Genova,
    • Lecce,
    • Milano,
    • Milano Bicocca,
    • Napoli,
    • Padova,
    • Pavia,
    • Perugia,
    • Pisa,
    • Roma La Sapienza,
    • Roma Tor Vergata,
    • Roma Tre,
    • Torino,
    • Trieste.

The research programs of the candidates must be focused on the research fields of the INFN Sections and Laboratories selected. The INFN research fields are listed below: .

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